Study in blue with circle, 2020. Transfer print, watercolor, gouache, i k, graphite , metallic ink, collage

Están sobre la pátina
de las cosas.’
(Jorge Guillén)

I dream of the silence
the day before Adam came
to name the animals,

the gold skins newly dropped
from God’s bright fingers, still
implicit with the light.

A day like this, perhaps:
a winter whiteness
haunting the creation,

as we are sometimes
haunted by the space
we fill, or by the forms

we might have known
before the names,
beyond the gloss of things.

~John Burnside

Notes: Septuagesima is the first Sunday of Shrovetide, the season during which we make merry before Lent and consider our Lenten sacrifice.

The epigraph is from the Spanish poet Jorge Guillén. Loosely it reads, “names are on the patina of things.”

This poem is from John Burnside, Selected Poems

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